Saturday, August 27, 2011


105 Atlantic Street, Milton

On August 26, 2011, I gave a party for Steve & Ray in honor of their return home from Albuquerque.
Steve and Me.
Ray and Deb.
It was very the best party ever! It was catered by The Essential Chef, Gary Papp of Lewes, formerly of The Buttery. 

Lee, Jen, Diane and Steve.
Diane, "Tom Cruise" and Robert.
Steve, Lee, C.P., Melora and Drew.

There were 18 people there! Steve & Ray, Marilyn, Aurelio, Jen, Diane & Jim, Steve & Lee, Drew, Deb, Ted, Me, C.P. & Melora, Mary Ann, Robert and Laura.
Deb, Me, Ted  and Mary Ann.
Marilyn, Jen and Deb.
The food was scrumptious, the company fabulous and the conversation great. It was pre-hurricane and everyone was talking about it. We experienced no rain, however, so people enjoyed the garden.
Marilyn and Melora headed into the garden with Jen enjoying the scene.
Lee and Jim in rapt conversation.
Ted and Mary Ann in the last throes.

The party ended about Midnight with several people including Jen and Melora thankfully helping to clean-up.

Myriad calls were received the next day saying what a downright exceptional party it was!!!