Friday, January 27, 2012



Ethan Hunt was back with "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III (M:I 3)." Directed by the innovative J. J. Abrams.
A spectacular but less rewarding film of the series.

The pride and joy of my extensive Tom Cruise collection is the original dance outfit from "Risky Business!" A Hollywood museum went out of business and offered major movie memorabilia on eBay. The bidding was tough, but I got the prize!
I got a mannequin from The Netherlands as they were the only source with a short stature one, and Mark Lattanzio helped me install it. 
It's ensconced in a corner cabinet in my dining room which I call my Tom Cruise Shrine.

"LIONS FOR LAMBS" was a controversial film with Robert Redford and Meryl Streep!

Tom starred in a minor but impressive part in "TROPIC THUNDER," a Ben Stiller film. His "Les Grossman" has become iconic.

"VALKYRIE" won praise for his part of Col. Claus von Stauffenberg but was also controversal, particularly in Germany.

Cameron Diaz then starred again with Tom in the fun romp "KNIGHT & DAY".

Just released "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL" (M:I 4) is a real thriller from start to finish.

Soon to be released: "ROCK OF AGES." WOW!!! Tom portraying rock god Stacee 
Jaxx. When the play was on Broadway it was nominated for a Tony. 

The "Billion Dollar Smile"
Tom @ 49!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012



Memphis is all right! She doesn't cry and walks normally. She can climb up on things again. It must have been a TIA.
Memphis looking out the window!
Thank goodness!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012



In May of 2005, an investment friend of mine suggested I look into an oil exploration company. It was located in Tasmania, Australia. They had found, they thought, a large deposition of subterranean oil, gas, coal, helium and zinc. I invested into the company $25,000 for $.20 a share, then considered a good price. It was called Empire Energy International Corporation, EEGC.

It looked very good. They had invested tens of millions of dollars into very sophisticated exploration. They were looking for start up money. I know 'wildcatting' is very speculative, but this looked like a sound deal.

I invested several times in this company over the years with the stock price going up and down—mostly down.

They had some success with zinc mining but it seemed to piddle away. Oil was always the target. I became friends with several of the major investors.

Several years went by with many false starts

  ---almost there!

In 2008, they actually started drilling. They had funding; They erected a derrick!

Then the financial crisis happened and we lost our funding.

By 2009, I had over $150,000 invested. It still looked promising. But I was getting weary of the time it was taking. The price was $0.03 a share.

Next, 2011 Developments.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


1965 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (1966-1978)

Yes, I had a Beetle—a very practical car. 

It was an excellent car to get me from here to there. 

I had it for several years and it was a utilitarian car. But several times I wanted to change my car, but necessities came along that thwarted that.
The VW and me in front of my rented Antebellum Capitol Hill house.

I decided I had to have something more exciting. So, I went for the old Jaguar!

Next, My First Car.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



Yesterday, Memphis had an incident in the night. She began crying and walking oddly! I was terribly afraid it was FIP, the disease that killed Baxter, my former cat. But the symptoms were slightly different: she was able to walk, though stumbling, and the crying was different. I was up all night with her.

Off to the vet first thing this morning. The vet said it could be a stroke, a seizure, something called Vestibular Disease which involves infection of the inner ear (But that was all but ruled out by the symptoms and is rare) or a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack), which usually resolves itself in 24 to 48 hours. To determine exactly what it was would take extensive investigation including a cat scan. So the vet suggested not to do that as the prognosis and follow-up are the same: We're just to do watchful waiting and hopefully she had a TIA and will improve soon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Washington, D.C.

The dining room on the contrary was full of furniture. My grandmother's Indian-territory-made dining table, hutch and six chairs, an antique piano and two wing-back chairs.
I painted the walls and ceiling a deep-burgundy red. Its high-gloss white, 2-foot wide cornice made a dramatic statement.

The exterior had several changes. A side patio seating area was developed beside the house.

But the most visible exterior change was the wonderful, 7-foot high, 1881 Victorian urn I found at an antiques store in Virginia.

We "decorated" our urn many different ways, but a recurring theme was with our 21 flamingos.
Easter birth of a Flamingo.
Ghost Flamingos for Halloween.

Eventually, the rent from the two-bedroom basement apartment paid the monthly mortgage. 

It was on the Capitol Hill House Tour in 1994.

It was a sweet, marvelous setup. One that we enjoyed for many years. Ed died in 1988 and reduced some of the enjoyment. I retired to Rehoboth Beach, DE. 

Advertisement for selling:

$178,000 - $380,000
In  2006, the house, then in fashionable NE, sold for $1,005,000!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012



I'm doing great! Just discomfort if I eat too much (about 4 oz.).

I'm down to 199# from 225#!

I'm still eating soft foods only but will start regular food in a week—albeit in small portions.

My doctor took me off two medicines!!! One was for blood pressure and the other was the only one I was taking for excessive blood sugar. It's because of my lessening diabetes problem! (My sugar "A1C" is now 6.7—down from 9.8! "A1C" measures your blood sugar for the past three months with 7.0 being the break-point for prescribing medicine. My average blood pressure is now 120/80!)

Time to take my monthly anniversary picture:
BEFORE 12/5/11, 225#
1/7/12, 198#
225# to 199# = -26#.    GOAL: 165# or 60#.
My scars are almost healed. And my swallowing is just fine. I have to watch how much I eat because too much causes pain and I even throw-up sometimes!

A new Swiss study finds that Sleeve Gastrectomy is the most successful bariatric weight-loss method. Additionally, it far surpasses dieting.

Sunday, January 1, 2012



We chose to stay another week and tour Italy. We drove down to the Amalfi Coast to see that famous scene.

We had a wonderful week on the Amalfi Coast. Our headquarters was Positano.

It is a gorgeous drive along the coast—shear cliffs, spectacular views and a lovely drive.

The Blue Grotto is as advertised. The boat trip into the cave is hectic but once in, its glorious. It is a true blue color inside. What a treat!

Our hotel was on the side of a steep hill. It was the white building with two arched openings to the right of the church dome.

It was fun climbing the hill up-and-down, going to restaurants, shops and sightseeing.

Several side trips were taken to various famous places. We saw Gore Vidal's home in Ravello.

All-in-all, a marvelous Italian trip won by Ed for his best-in-the-nation pharmaceutical sales.