Saturday, April 9, 2011



Thursday, I went with Ted to pick out a new stove for his kitchen. He's dissatisfied with his propane, commercial-grade one and wants a more responsive and controllable one.

While at Lowe's, I noticed a brochure on a Samsung induction stove!
I was immediately drawn to the idea. Now, to get Ted interested. The excellent salesman, Jimmy, explained the advantages to good advantage! It's a beautiful system: it cooks cleanly, quickly and safely. It works by INDUCING the molecules in an iron pan to agitate by magnetic induction thus heating the food. Look:

Another video explains further:

I remember the introduction of induction cooking about a decade ago. A ceramic artist I knew made an induction cooktop! It was $15,000. though—gorgeous but out of the question.

Today's countertops cost about $1,900 but whole ranges now cost $1,800 to $7,100!

Drawback: Glass, aluminum or ceramic pots won't work.

I'll keep you posted on Ted's progress!!!!!

Next, The BIG Decision!


bobc said...

I don't understand your comment on glass, etc pans not working. I've sent you and Ted a Consumer Reports rating on various many choices, so little time...:0)

Don Voth said...

Bob, because it worked only magnetic induction, NOT electrical heating!

teddy said...

I'm NOT going to decide now.

Anonymous said...

I might be interested Don. Please give me a call. Mary Ann

Don Voth said...

Ted, I understand, but I hope you eventually get one!

Don Voth said...

Mary Ann, I'll help. I saw one on eBay that's $350 off! = $1,650, including shipping.