Monday, April 9, 2012


LIZA (1970s)

Liza was my first Abyssinian cat. She was remarkable. She shall forever live in my fondest memories. My fate was sealed by Liza to have Abyssinian cats for the rest of my life.
She was the most perfect of cats. It was an eye-opener having a cat like Liza: that house cats could be so personable. I had had cats before, but never such a loving, smart, loyal and active cat. 

A Photographic Essay:
Liza and her rare, RED Aby daughter, Cranberry.
I sold her red daughter for $1,200 to the Mexican Ambassador!
Liza had two litters. Each litter was named after an occasion: Her first was 'Star Wars' with Han, Princess Leia, Yoda and Luke. Her second was 'Thanksgiving' with Pumpkin, Turkey and Cranberry.
I gave one of her sons to Nancy, my sister: 'Sam', formerly Han.
And Steve had Princess Leah as his faithful cat.

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