Saturday, September 8, 2012



We were walking, Marilyn, Ted and I, to a lunch spot in Rehoboth Beach one day. Marilyn spotted a ring in the window of a jewelry store that she really liked. We went in. The store was a typical nondescript tourist place. Marilyn's hand looked stunning with the bling.

It was a wide titanium tension ring with a slot holding a small, round cubic zirconium stone for $156. 

A tension ring is a new-fangled ring that holds the stone via compression being that the entire ring is a steel spring. These rings display the stone beautifully and dramatically. Marilyn said she would think about it and off we went to lunch. It was the big topic of the bunch.

I got on the Internet and looked for tension rings. I found quite a few sites bearing various designs. The most surprising site had them for $20-$30 based on a bidding system. I immediately e-mailed the link to Marilyn.

Marilyn was shocked by the prices. She said that she didn't know why anyone shopped for things like this other than on the Internet.

Three days later, Marilyn and I were at her kitchen table looking over the rings on my iPad. I had found one that I liked, also. Marilyn picked out quite a different tension ring then the one she had seen in the store. It was black swirls with a large cz stone being held in compression. 

I liked two rings: one a black titanium ring holding a small, round cz stone in a slot. 

The other was quite different being a triangular cz stone held with one band on the right and two bands on the left showing off the stone beautifully. 

We ordered all three.

When the package came, I rushed over to Marilyn's for the unveiling. Both Marilyn and I were thrilled with the rings.

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