Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Memphis is on antibiotics due to blood work that showed a high white cell count.

Memphis sitting on my legs while I watch TV.
BUT, I am glad to report, Memphis is doing so much better. She's more lively, plays more, eats more heartily and acts more like a kitten. She's got a sweet personality and is developing into a swell friend. The other night, she not only got under the bed covers, which she typically does, but she also crawled under my undershirt and curled up and promptly started purring then fell asleep.

BUT, I am sad to report, that I learned yesterday that Memphis has two parasites. One a bacteria and the other a Protozoa. What alerted us to this was a high white blood cell count. So, tests were made. For the Protozoa infection she'll need a very strong medicine. My vet here is consulting with the University of Pennsylvania's vet to see if Memphis can withstand it due to her genetic problems. I am dismayed and surprised. I thought the breeder's vet checked her out thoroughly. This just reinforces my desire to want my money back.

There are two places that they had to shave the hair off of Memphis to get ultrasound done at the University of Pennsylvania. She looks like she has a Mohawk! But the hair is beginning to grow back nicely.
Her Mohawk

(I'm using the "Dragon Dictation" app on my iPhone to dictate this particular blog. It's just too neat! You simply talk into the phone and it transcribes it into written form! A reason to get an iPhone alone.)


Caliban said...

Poor, poor Memphis. Just a kitten and so many obstacles to her survival. I'm glad she's your kitten because at least she'll get all the care she deserves.

Don Voth said...

Thanks Robert. Yes, she'll get the best of care.

Ron said...

She looks lovely Don. She is so fortunate to have you as her friend. She will receive the best care possible. It is a shame that the breeder mislead you. I hope she beats the odds and lives a long life. Keep us posted on progress.

Don Voth said...

Thanks. Yes, I'll keep you posted.