Friday, October 21, 2011



1996:  Saw WHITE HOUSE ADVISOR LEON PANETTA (now, Secretary of Defense) walking on my street on Capitol Hill, two doors from my house. 
He told me he had just moved-in across the street.

1997:  I was parked near the Capitol Building when HOUSE SPEAKER TOM FOLEY parked behind me in his new Lincoln. He admired my 4-door, convertible '66 Lincoln and we talked about it.

1998:  Offered JOHN WATERS a cough drop at the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival keynote address.

1999:  My '66 Lincoln Continental Convertible, being driven by my mechanic Doug in DC, went by where TOM CRUISE was filming 'Minority Report'. 
He noticed it and said, "Neat car!" Too bad I wasn't there! (So I had to include a picture!)

1999:  I've seen JOHN & SARAH BRADY several times here in Rehoboth Beach as they live here now.

2000:  Talked to RUTH ANN MINNER at her fundraiser. We chatted about my mother. 
She WAS elected DE Governor.

2003:  Went to a Democrat fundraiser where U.S. CONGRESSMAN BARNEY FRANK spoke. 
I shook his hand! 

2005:  Went to a party where DE STATE TREASURER JACK MARKELL spoke. Had my picture taken with him. 
He has become governor.

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