Sunday, October 16, 2011


iPhone 4S

I just received the new iPhone day before yesterday.


The most striking upgrade is the 8MP camera. What beautiful pictures and 1080p video! They blow you away. As good as any point and shoot camera, plus you have a lot of adjustments available. And you can modify the shots after taking them: crop and enhance. Also, the camera's instant on!

Another WOW upgrade is you simply talk to the phone and it does what you want it to do via "SIRI"—answers requests such as searches on the internet, takes dictation  to answer your email, sets up appointments on your calendar, answers encyclopedia questions, does calculations, tells you the weather-anywhere-anytime, etc, etc, etc!

It's twice as fast via the new dual-processor A5 chip and renders 7 times faster than the iPhone 4—will be great for gaming.

It's identical on the outside, but the insides are all different.

I got a white, 32GB one this time!


Mark said...

Good morning! You're up early too.
It took me several years to get a smart phone. I guess it will take me another billion years to finally get an IPhone. Enjoy it!

Don Voth said...

Not necessarily, there's getting even more desirable and you can get an iPhone 4 for $99! Hope you get one.

Anonymous said...

To read your blog is a nice start to the day. Hoyte
Here's my latest iPhone shot.

Don Voth said...

Thank you Hoyte. It's nice to know you're enjoying my blog. I really put my heart into it. Your pic is excellent. I' too. am impressed with the new camera.