Thursday, July 14, 2011



I'm a stickler for car upkeep. My Cadillac XLR has developed a situation I'm wanting to correct.

It's very minor but I'm very particular about the look of my cars.

On the lower front grille, there's a missing piece of the honeycomb. Most people wouldn't notice I suppose, but I do! It's been bothering me for a month.
Again, it's insignificant but I'll bet it'll cost a pretty penny. What do you think it will be?

Next, the Repair.


Mark said...

Boy and their cars... I'll never understand. m.

Don Voth said...

Mark, Just think of it as your camera!

Ron said...

I understand completly! I'm at Dover Subaru right noe waiting to get two dings and a couple of scruff marks off of my car - cost $100. Maybe this wouldn't bother many other people but those dings and scruff marks bother me! I get them fixed!

Don Voth said...

Ron, I agree!

Ron said...

The two dings and scruff marks on my car are gone! $100 well spent! I'm a happy camper now. :)

Will said...

I'm wagering $375 minimum.

Don Voth said...

375!!! I hope not. But it'll be what it's going to be. The man didn't know if it'll come in painted or not. If not, the price will go up.