Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Washington, D.C.

The dining room on the contrary was full of furniture. My grandmother's Indian-territory-made dining table, hutch and six chairs, an antique piano and two wing-back chairs.
I painted the walls and ceiling a deep-burgundy red. Its high-gloss white, 2-foot wide cornice made a dramatic statement.

The exterior had several changes. A side patio seating area was developed beside the house.

But the most visible exterior change was the wonderful, 7-foot high, 1881 Victorian urn I found at an antiques store in Virginia.

We "decorated" our urn many different ways, but a recurring theme was with our 21 flamingos.
Easter birth of a Flamingo.
Ghost Flamingos for Halloween.

Eventually, the rent from the two-bedroom basement apartment paid the monthly mortgage. 

It was on the Capitol Hill House Tour in 1994.

It was a sweet, marvelous setup. One that we enjoyed for many years. Ed died in 1988 and reduced some of the enjoyment. I retired to Rehoboth Beach, DE. 

Advertisement for selling:

$178,000 - $380,000
In  2006, the house, then in fashionable NE, sold for $1,005,000!

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