Saturday, January 7, 2012



I'm doing great! Just discomfort if I eat too much (about 4 oz.).

I'm down to 199# from 225#!

I'm still eating soft foods only but will start regular food in a week—albeit in small portions.

My doctor took me off two medicines!!! One was for blood pressure and the other was the only one I was taking for excessive blood sugar. It's because of my lessening diabetes problem! (My sugar "A1C" is now 6.7—down from 9.8! "A1C" measures your blood sugar for the past three months with 7.0 being the break-point for prescribing medicine. My average blood pressure is now 120/80!)

Time to take my monthly anniversary picture:
BEFORE 12/5/11, 225#
1/7/12, 198#
225# to 199# = -26#.    GOAL: 165# or 60#.
My scars are almost healed. And my swallowing is just fine. I have to watch how much I eat because too much causes pain and I even throw-up sometimes!

A new Swiss study finds that Sleeve Gastrectomy is the most successful bariatric weight-loss method. Additionally, it far surpasses dieting.


Caliban said...

Excellent report. It's gratifying to see you making progress. Weren't you able to start with solids today -- the day after Epiphany? When you say you can't eat more than 4 ounces -- is that of solid food? Or is it pureed food?

Don Voth said...

Thanks Robert. Solids start Jan. 11th. I can't eat more than four ounces of anything—pureed or solid.

Ron said...

I'm glad there are no complications. I was worried. I wish you continued success. I know this was a big undertaking for you.

Don Voth said...

Thank you Ron. I was concerned also!

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS blog!!!

Don Voth said...

Thank you Julie.