Wednesday, March 21, 2012


1963 KARMANN GHIA, TYPE 34 "RAZOR EDGE" (1964-1966)

MY FIRST CAR! I got it during my architectural graduate school days at the University of Oklahoma.

It wasn't sold in the United States, but someone had brought it over. I was immediately attracted to the beautiful lines and exotic look of her.

My mother didn't like it. I think because it meant independence for me. But I loved it. It caused stares wherever I went.

Mine was RED with a BLACK top!

  ---What a fun beauty!

When I had it inspected, the windshield caused it to be rejected because it wasn't laminated! No laminated windshields were made for that car, so I had to sell it. My mechanic bought it to fix it up somehow.


Anonymous said...

Don, I like this car. I've never seen one, but you always have interesting cars! John C.

Don Voth said...

John, So good to hear from you. Yes, you've always liked cars: Me, too!!!