Thursday, March 3, 2011



My welcoming party in my Florentine home was to be held on the group's first evening in Firenze. I prepared an invitation in Italiano—using words that were easily translated:
(This last thought I couldn't figure out how to translate into English-like words.)

I left a stack of forty Xeroxed invitations at their hotel. The more I prepared for the party, the more exited I became. While strolling near then Ponte Vecchio, I heard a flute player. I learned she was a college student from Wisconsin traveling in Europe for the summer. I debated whether or not to ask her to play for my party, but when I did, she quickly accepted. I bought some svelte, white linen pants (my first) and some white shoes. The appartamento looked terrific. The theme was in the Italian flag colors--red, white and green: the plates and napkins, even the food--small red tomatoes, white mushrooms, and long thin, delicious, fresh green beans. The sauces were tomatoes with basil; salsa verde (olive oil, parsley, basil, capers and anchovies!); and yogurt. Then red, white & green wines continued the theme (the Vino Verde was from Spain, although more yellow in color than green, the name was right). Also, I wanted to have something to give away as party favors. I searched and searched. Finally, I spotted some spade-shaped straw fans at the straw market. Almost perfect, for the days had been getting hot and my apartment had no air-conditioning--but they still weren't quite special enough. After adding the Italian flag colors by tying three-foot red, white and green raffia streamers to the handles, they became perfect! I ensconced the flute player up in the loft—like music from heaven. 
Finally, I was ready. About thirty people showed up (three-fourths of the group). Everyone loved my Florentine appartamento.  
Giuliano being poured a Chianti
We all had a great time.  
Edwina feeling no pain.
The fans sure came in handy. And my friends couldn't believe I was giving them away as party favors. Later, on our tours, we carried them to ward off the heat. Several times, as we walked along, people asked me where they could buy them. All the teachers were there, but some of my favorite people couldn't find the party. They were later told by the others how wonderful it was! It lasted until 2 am.


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Anonymous said...

Wish I had been there!

Caliban said...

What a great idea and it was such a magnificent success. Inspired to ask a flautist to perform and even more amazing she said yes. So, there's Juliano. What did he do at the party? Was he still getting the history wrong?

Don Voth said...

ALWAYS! But at least at the party he just relaxed and had a good time. I had to forgive him though; he was so sincere.