Wednesday, March 2, 2011



I'm happy to report that visitors have expanded the list. I can add:
Tribe of Indians
Wake of Buzzards

Family of Man
Drove of Cattle

Can anyone fill in:
Passel of ?
Clutch of ?


Ron said...

Love the buzzards on the lawn! I didn't post a blog today. I was part way through it when my friend Larry called me on FaceTime. We spent a couple of hours on Mac issues. Then work. Then I wasn't supposed to go into work. I'm slowly catching up.

Don Voth said...

Found it "on the net" as you suggested. That suggestion has made my blogs so much better!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture!

Caliban said...

A passel of possums
A passel of pickles
A passel of cucumbers
A passel of puppies
A passel just means a lot of, a bunch of -- there is no firm identification with any group.
One can have a passel of money, a passel of grief, a passel of heartache, a passel of ponies, a passel of letters, a passel of partridges, etc.

A clutch of egg or a clutch of chickens, refers a complete set of eggs incubated or produced at one time and the chicks that hatch from the eggs.

Don Voth said...

Thank you Caliban. I'll add to my collection!