Sunday, February 27, 2011



Ever since I got the first 128K Macintosh, I've been in love with Apple products. They are beautifully designed, intuitive and "they just work". 

I shall always remember when my first Macintosh arrived in March of 1984. I had seen the famous Macintosh ad during the Super Bowl and was fascinated. 

I eagerly set it up on the dining room table, plugged it in, turned it on and magically the word "h e l l o." wrote itself across the black and white screen. I was hooked. 

The original sits on the shelf above my current 21" iMac desktop.

I've had seven Macintoshes since. Each one an increase in speed, efficiency, design and delightfulness. I want to emphasize this last aspect. Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, "We want our products to delight". And they certainly do. They stand apart from all others in the computer world.

I've become an aficionado and a teacher. I currently have ten people I'm involved with, teaching four intensively. Plus, helping another three casually. I'm a MacAddict, MacTeacher and a MacProselytizer. I've been directly responsible for four conversions over to the Macintosh and I don't know how many indirectly.

I've also had/have four iPods, an iPad and three iPhones. I'm currently intensely enjoying the iPhone 4—utilizing 147 apps!

Next, iPhone!


Ron said...

Very cool post! I am a Mac addict.

Don Voth said...

There's a lot of us out there!