Thursday, February 24, 2011


I collect MULTITUDE NAMES for groups of animals! I've been doing this for years.
Here's my list:

Herd of Cows
Gaggle of Geese
Flock of Sparrows
  of Sheep
School of Fish
Den of Wolves
Creche of Eagles
Nest of Vipers
  of Cardinals
Group of Humans
Crowd of Men
Pod of Whales:

Pack of Wolves
Swarm of Bees
Brood of Chickens
Town of Prairie Dogs:

Team of Horses
Army of Ants
Cloud of Locusts:

Drove of Cattle 
Flight of Hummingbirds
Covey of Doves
Litter of Kittens
Farrow of Pigs
Pride of Lions
Exaltation of Doves
Murder of Crows

Please HELP me in discovering more!


Anonymous said...

I've got a few to add to your list:
Brood of chickens
Pack of wolves
Tribe of Indians
Family of man

Anonymous said...

WAKE of buzzards