Friday, April 8, 2011



For some people turning 70 would be traumatic. But it was quite the contrary for me, Don Voth, it was dramatic! Dramatic in the sense of I felt no diminishment of life, but on the contrary

  ---an affirmation! 

I was looking on my past years in wonderous appreciation and looking forward to the time ahead. It was September 4, 2010.

Also my best friends Ray and Steve were throwing me a large party—a party, as it turned out, that was the best of my life. Oh, I've had nice birthday parties: surprise ones, big ones, small ones but this one was singularly red letter!

First of all, it was held in their 1730s double living room with double fireplaces

  ---a perfect setting.
Steve and Ray's Colonial home.
Second, it had a lot of my current best friends—from several cities. And third, it was a splendid party
  ---a fun time had by all.

Steve and Lee came all the way from West Virginia the day before. Therefore, sightseeing was in order. 

Lee, Me and Steve with Ted taking the photo at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.
And six more were from surrounding towns and eleven from Milton.

The food was sublime, the company exhilarating and the setting grand with perfect weather. Lamb kebobs were perfectly cooked on an open fire in the garden. 

Winnie the cook.
Everyone had a good time.
Everyone's here except Steve, Marilyn, Aurelio and Kevin with Drew taking the photo.
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Caliban said...

No one throws a party better than Steve and Raymond. These pictures demonstrate that very well. You are blessed to have them as friends and they to have you. You look inordinately happy in the group picture. This is one of those moments you can treasure always.

Don Voth said...

IT'S TRUE ON ALL COUNTS! One of the best times of my short life!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! What a nice way to start the day. Hope you are having fun. Love, Aurelio

Don Voth said...

I AM having fun doing this blog. It's therapeutic, too! And invigorating! And lots of fun to share.

Anonymous said...

WOW !!!! How wonderful for you.. Congrats... and good luck and fortune on the next seventy-years. Bob King

Don Voth said...

Thanks, Bob. SEVENTY!!!! well, maybe sixty.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reliving your party. Marilyn

Don Voth said...

Marilyn, I'm glad you did. So did I, SO MUCH! Fond memories forever.

Fadela said...

Happy Bthday, Don. Kiss from Paris.

Don Voth said...

Fadela, Thanks. Wish I were in Paris!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don---great photos!!!, Mary Ann

Don Voth said...

Thanks, Mary Ann! Having you and Deo there added greatly to the gayety.