Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Milton, DE.

The Kitchen is a delightful new restaurant that is really good. It took over the space of Corner Market Bistro in Paynter's Mill at the corner of Highways 88 and 1.

It's THE SECOND STREET GRILL people of Lewes. They closed that and are now running The Kitchen.

The selections are very diverse. And the food is delicious. And is reasonable in price. Ted and I have had lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch there–all very good.

Highly recommended.

    ---Don Voth
        Your Friendly Reviewer.


Ron said...

Great picture! You know me and my "Friends and Dining" pictures. :) I didn't realize that the Secpnd Street Grill folks now operate The Kitchen in Paynter's Mill. I have eaten at the Second Street Grill a couple of times and liked it very much. I'm glad they found a new home outside of Lewes. I'm looking forward to dining there.

Don Voth said...

Ron, You'll enjoy it!

Caliban said...

I concur on all points. The food looks delicious.

Don Voth said...

Come and try it!