Wednesday, November 16, 2011



David was on vacation in the Middle East and offered his NYC apartment for me to stay in!

I chose to be there for the week of November 11 through 16, 2011. And while David's offer was an incentive to go to New York, I ended up staying with Bill to share each other's company.

I went up on the "Chinese Bus". What an experience: crowded and difficult! But saving $200 verses the train was worth it. I'll do it again.

I had a wonderful time! NYC is so vibrant and exciting. I truly enjoyed being there for an extended time.

On Saturday, I struck out to find more cashmere scarves at the street fair. (The last time I was in NYC, I ran across this vendor in the street fair along Sixth Avenue, near Bill's apartment and bought a scarf for Ted as he was taking care of Memphis, my cat. But when I got home I wish I had gotten more.) I had no idea where the vendor  was so I asked a taxi driver where the street fair was. HE KNEW! It was this weekend on Madison Avenue between 42nd and 57th—fifteen blocks long! He drove me to the start of it at 42nd Street and low and behold, the scarf stand was the second stand in!!! I got 10 scarves for various friends.

Saturday night, Bill Mc and Jesus from Washington, along with Johnny from Short Hills, New Jersey, were in town. We all had a marvelous dinner at the Elephant & Castle in the Village. Bill Mc said it was the best meal he had had in NYC. Bill and I really enjoyed ourselves. Johnny talked about his new penthouse in Hell's Kitchen with a lovely roof garden and a 270ยบ view of the city! We walked and talked and viewed the City.

On Monday, Bill and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, mainly to see the Frank Lloyd Wright Room. Entry fee was $25—my, oh, my, inflation! (I'll explore the room in the next blog installment.) Also at the Met, we saw a lot of American ceramics and Tiffany glass.

Also, a major exhibit of Steiglitz and his art collection was on display.

Tuesday found us at MOMA. What a cool museum. I wanted to see the product design section. It was thrilling. I've always liked industrial design. Seeing the Macs was a special treat!
Bill at the Design Exhibit with the Philip Johnson Courtyard in the background.
There was also a marvelous de Kooning exhibit of 20 rooms of his work.

On the last night, David had arrived from his trip and we went to the Cuban restaurant, Copellia for dinner.

A last glimpse of NYC:


Caliban said...

What a divine trip. I'm so glad you were able to go there. What a treat. Great photos as always. How did you get the Tiffany photo? No doubt you had to sneak that one!

Don Voth said...

Thanks. Yes, it was great. Didn't have to sneak the photo, the Met has an open photography policy!

dogs health pedia said...

very nice post

Don Voth said...

Thank you Dogs

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

I just love my beautiful, soft scarf! And it makes me smile to think that you thought of me while on your New York sojourn. Which sounds and looks as tho it was a really, really wonderful visit. You certainly saw a lot, and I do envy you the museums, especially all the special shows at MOMA!

let's try for breakfast at Vintage Cafe , maybe next Wednesday?

Happy T Day and thank you again for your generosity and thoughtfulness. love and light, Deo

Don Voth said...

Thanks Deo and you're welcome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute. You are looking skinny!!! Cynthia

Don Voth said...

SKINNY???? But thanks.