Friday, December 2, 2011


Washington, D. C. (1978-1996)

Ed came to me one day and said, "There's a neat house for sale in Northeast!" Well, it was 919 and it was very neat.

I looked over the outside carefully then sat in my car for two hours studying the house and getting more and more excited.

I bought it in 1998. And it became a renovation project that transformed the house into a wonderful home. There was also a two-bedroom apartment in the English basement.

The back outside area was a pie-shaped sliver of concrete overlooking the neighbor's gardens. I designed a two-story steel balcony to take advantage of the limited view, making the first floor area off the two-bedroom apartment a lovely rain-protected patio.

A totally redesigned sleek kitchen was built, with a very streamlined electronic stove; very tall cabinets; a huge antique pot rack 8-feet long occupied the entire ceiling with theater, barn-door lighting; under-counter incandescent, dimmable lighting and a 2-inch thick butcher-block counter.

A special sculpture furniture cube was brought from Italy for the only piece of furniture in the living room. Assembled, it was a huge cube. Disassembled, it was two chairs, a chaise, and a foot rest—smashing! 
My home was great. In May 2001, it was on the Capitol Hill House Tour. There were seven bouquets displayed.


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