Tuesday, December 27, 2011



3 - Kings of Denmark 
2 - Kings of the Franks 

King Henry I of Germany:

Philip – Emperor of Germany:

5 - Kings of Hungary 
King Saint Stephen I:

King Alfonso I of Portugal 
3 - Kings of Sweden
4 - Kings of the Visigoths 

Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor(14th great grandfather)

5 - Emperors of Byzantium AD 813-1175

Constantine IX:

These are my most famous ancestors 
found so far.

Currently, I have relations in many houses of Europe: the closest ones being King Juan Carlos of Spain, Prince Albert II of Monaco and King Harald V of Norway—all blood cousins. While Aunt Queen Elizabeth I and Aunt Queen Victoria were close blood cousins to my lineage, the current Queen, Elizabeth II, is a distant blood cousin.

I want to pay homage to my mother, whose family I inherited!

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