Sunday, September 2, 2012


(One of Four I've Seen.)

I've always been fascinated by Egypt—her Pyramids, 
It's the only addition to the New 7 Wonders of the World: making it '8'.

and Sphinx.

Little did I think I would ever travel there. However, Ed and I went on a most fantastic journey.

Egypt was sensational! I never even imagined how fantastical it was.

We landed, of course, in Cairo and found it awesome—the crowded streets, the dust, foreign intrigue and the bustling of an enormous city.

One day we were in the Bazaar exploring. All of a sudden a man stood in front of us beckoning us into his tent! We were ready for adventure so we went in, but nervously. Inside it was simply a tent with lots of folded materials on the walls. The Egyptian was talking with us as if we were friends. Another man appeared with tea! But the Egyptian kept talking nonsensical things. All of a sudden, the other man brought out a tray with various colored bottles on it. These we came to learn were perfumes! We were being shaken down for perfume. We made excuses and quickly exited.

We stayed at a exquisite hotel overlooking the Necropolis of Giza with the Pyramids (The Oberoi Mena House)

  ---quintessential Egypt.

We were amazed at the Pyramids. 

Me in front of 480' Khufu (2560BC).

We rode camels at the Pyramids.

We went into the tunnel in the inside of the Khufu Pyramid, the largest. The tunnel was narrow and short. It had few light bulbs and was full of people. 
There was only enough room for one line of people going in and one line coming out. You had to crouch down in several areas. I became very claustrophobic and turned back not seeing the Queen's Chamber. It was too much for me. We did climb up the enormous blocks about a tenth of the way up though.
Ed on Khufu.

We would take day trips to various sites: Memphis, Saqqara and Alexandria.

Next, the Best Excursion of All.

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