Monday, October 7, 2013



My Cadillac XLR has a problem that I created. I was cleaning the Steering Wheel with leather cleaner and it sprayed on the clear plastic Shield coving the instrument panel. It instantly clouded the Shield!

I tried to clean with everything I could think of. No luck. 

I went to Lewes Auto Mall, a Chevy dealer in town. They even tried a very fine polish which didn't work either. I asked if the Shield could be replaced. They said 
NO! The entire Instrument Cluster would have to be replaced as the Shield is integral. It was a chemical reaction.

When I had the annual maintenance done at Courtesy Cadillac in Salisbury, Md., they came to the same conclusion. To replace the Instrument Cluster would be $1,000. for the part and $200. for the installation!! The service manager came to talk to me. He said maybe a salvage yard could come up with the shield only—an interesting idea. 

In the pursing weeks I decided that I'd have to live with it. I didn't like it but it was just too expensive.