Monday, September 12, 2011



I went to the New Balance shoe store and bought two pairs of shoes: one a Sports shoe to hold the high-metatarsal, Trainer arch supports and a Dress pair. I like them a lot. They're both very sturdy and well constructed.

I talked to Tom of the Good Feet Store and discussed with him the idea of getting a pair of the less-high arch supports called Maintainers. We discussed the pros and cons and I decided to get a pair. I'll put those supports in the Dress shoes as they're not spacious enough for the higher Trainers with the major metatarsal rise. The Maintainers are designed for general support and when doing more major sports activity and not undergoing training. I'll use the Relaxers in my old, slip-on dress shoes as houseshoes.

My feet still hurt.

I've spent a total of $750. I hope this process helps. I seem to be a little better, but it's going to be a longer break-in than first thought. It's probably going to take a full month. I'm putting all my eggs in this basket!


Ron said...

I hope you get your feeds moving soon. Must be very frustrating.

Don Voth said...

Thanks Ron. Yes it is!!!

bobc said...

Hang in there. A month is a very short time in the grand scheme of things...:0)

Don Voth said...

Thanks Bob. We're both learning about patience.