Tuesday, March 8, 2011


iPad 2

It just was announced by Steve Jobs. I love my iPad. Wasn't going to get the new one, BUT have gotten excited about it. I found a site that will buy my iPad for half the money I paid! Therefore, it's a done deal!!!

Can't decide whether to get the Wi-Fi only one or the one with Wi-Fi and 3G. The iPhone's going to be able to act as a Hotspot. This would allow the Wi-Fi only iPad to be connected to the phone's 3G if there's no Wi-Fi available. Either way there's an extra charge for the access.

It comes out March 11. And as always, I get my Apple products on the first day! 

What would you think about white with a red cover?


Ron said...

I haven't decided either whether or not to get 3 G.

Don Voth said...

Ron, I've decided NOT to get 3G! Because iPhone will "Hotspot" to the iPad if I want to pay the extra carrier fees. If not, it's not so bad not to be able to connect in non-Wi-Fi areas. You still have MANY functions.