Friday, October 19, 2012



Marianna was probably my best design. It was a culmination of all my experience and the current correctional philosophy. It was reproduced for several facilities later.

I was aided by the architectural firm HLM of Orlando, Florida. It was a very exciting development of a new type of facility. 

I worked with the architects for over a year in developing this scheme. We had lots of input from various people and organizations. 

The Housing Unit was an especially intense design problem. The final design solved many desires of the many departments involved. 
It was reproduced for many federal and state facilities.

It was this facility that became the basis of my book on medium security correctional institutions for adults.

Since, it has won many accolades and rewards.

I was adapting it for a new site in Jessup, Georgia when I retired.

My other full institution designs were: Miami, Florida; Pleasanton, California; Camarillo, California; Jesup, Georgia; San Diego, California and Ray Brook, New York. (This one was very interesting because it housed the athletes for the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics before becoming a prison—saving a lot of taxpayer money!)

I also did major renovation jobs at Leavenworth, Kansas; Milan, Michigan; Tallahassee, Florida; Englewood, Colorado; Lompoc, California; Atlanta, Georgia and in Puerto Rico.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you for having these schematics of FCI Marianna. I needed schematics since I had a lack of program for a paper.

Mark Anthony Given said...

I KNEW THIS GUY MICHAEL DOWD AT FCI Marianna in Florida. I got to give it to him, he didn't PC "Protective custody," he walked around the compound like the rest of us. They took a lot of money out of his house when he was arrested. When the state courts handed him over to the feds, the state kept the money. When I met him in the law library at FCI Marianna, Florida he wanted my help with post conviction matters, i.e., USC 2255, having lost all his appeals. I think he appealed a USSG sentencing guideline matter because he plead guilty, I don't remember. Anyway, I looked over his stuff and asked where that money went. He said he didn’t know could I get it back for him? It was maybe thirty-thousand dollars, I forget. I whipped up a generic Petition for Remission modeled after the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure with the same name, claiming the criminal matter was over and the money was never properly forfeited. The State either never responded (they're favorite response) or conceded. Mike had me draw up a little one-time Power of Attorney for his brother to receive the money and the next thing I know (a week later) I got rolled up and put in the SHU "Special Housing Unit," commonly known as the "Hole."

ON THE WAY TO THE HOLE I either seen Mike or someone told me they rolled him up too or I seen him across the hall, again I forget, this was in the late 90's. What do I tell them? What do I do? "Tell them the truth, just like it happened, we haven’t done anything wrong" I instructed him. I left federal prison after doing nearly 12 years on a 10 year sentence for bank fraud with nearly ten-thousand dollars in my account but I never "charged" anyone anything. That is extremely frowned upon and will get you thrown in the "Hole."

Mark Anthony Given said...

ONE OTHER THING. I been in prison from one end of this country to the other and FCI Marriana is hands down the best layout..