Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Oakland, CA

The first piece of artwork I'd like to explore is a fabulous 38" x38" stained glass.

I was visiting the Oakland Museum in 1974 and toured the Art Glass Exhibit. I saw the stained glass piece in the ‘for sale’ portion of the show. Well, I fell in love with it instantly. It was on the lowest row of several stained glass creations. Well, I plopped down and sat on the floor mesmerized.

Alas, it was Sunday and the office was not open. I talked the guard into taking a check to be turned in the next morning. I called first thing Monday morning. It had been bought! Phooey! However, they called me two days later and said the first buyer had backed out! It was shipped in the biggest crate you can imagine.

The actual piece appears in Glass Art Magazine” April, 1974, page 42: A. R. Lewis. ‘#60’.

The glass changes color according to the angle viewed or the time of day!

At night the image reverses and it becomes blue and mirrored!

It has hung in my house proudly ever since.

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Ron said...

I like it! How much? :)