Thursday, June 9, 2011



His films before "Risky Business" were not blockbusters, but were very good indeed. After "Endless Love" there was "TAPS" with Timothy Hutton, George C. Scott and Sean Penn. Because of his excellent acting, the director expanded the part greatly. He was the only one who fired a shot! 

"THE OUTSIDERS" with a host of soon-to-be-important actors such as Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Ralph Macchio, Rob Lowe and especially good Emilio Estevez,

and "LOSIN' IT" with Shelley Long. A fun romp in Mexico.

Then "Risky Business," after which there was "ALL THE RIGHT MOVES." He played a high school student who was trying to get out of a coal mining town by a football scholarship.

and "LEGEND." A delightful fairy tale.

Then the blockbuster, "TOP GUN!" Tom's seething masculinity and excellent acting in a thrilling action film won him many admirers. Still does! It was the highest grossing movie in 1986. He was 23!

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Ron said...

"Chippy" Chipmunk with those pre-brace teeth. I don't get the attraction but then everyone is entitled to he (or her) own taste. I actually think Anthony Wiener is sexier. Yes, I said it.

Don Voth said...

Anthony Wiener???!!!???