Monday, June 27, 2011


Bridgeville, Delaware

What a pleasant surprise!

Our usual Friday Night Group didn't meet. So, I organized an ad hoc trip to Bridgeville (30 minutes away) to go to the famous Jimmy's Grille. I had never been there but had heard only good things. They cater the annual Milton Historical Society's dinner and the food is always very good.

When the 7 of us got there, we found out it was VERY popular and crowded. We first saw a case of the famous cakes and pies.

We were seated quickly though and appraised the menu.
1/4 of the menu.

And found the prices very reasonable for the down-home cooking.
Photo by Ron Tipton.

When the food came we were bowled over! The portions were huge and delicious I might add. We all had a great meal.
It was a lot of fun, too. I had chicken stuffed with dressing (delicious), collards and stewed tomatoes with pecan-cream pie! I also bought a whole, huge coconut cream pie to take home.

I sure will add this restaurant to my list of favorite Delaware beaches restaurants.


bob chambers said...

I am sooooo sorry I missed this one!

Don Voth said...

I am too, but you are in Pennsylvania or I certainly would have asked you.

Mark in DE said...

I haven't been there in about 2 years. I remember it was very good though.

Don Voth said...

Yes Mark, Very good down-home cooking!

Anonymous said...

Don, The Jimmy meal looks absolutely wonderful, giving new meaning to comfort food, Ray

Don Voth said...

Ray, we MUST go there when you get back!!!

Ron said...

What a great restaurant! Good home cooking, the likes you won't find in Rehoboth or the satellite towns of Milton, Millsboro, and Lewes. While there are many wonderful restuarants in those areas, sometimes a guy just wants some old fashion home cooking that he doesn't have to take out an equity loan to pay for it. Jimmy's Grill is the place. So much to choose from the menu. I'm looking forward to a return visit soon!

Don Voth said...

Ron, Glad you liked it so much. Me, too! I'm glad I organized the trip there.