Monday, June 6, 2011



I've felt for quite some time that I should diversify my investments. I'm only in an oil stock and a health stock. (Ted, my neighbor, has been after me to be more diversified for years.)

Well, I'm buying a Canadian oil/gas stock: Altima Resources Ltd (ARSLF over-the-counter) in Alberta.
They have 15 square miles in the middle of the Chambers Oil Field where several 'majors' have working oil wells. Altima has drilled 5 and they have all 'come in'.
It's ready to really take off. My investment friend, Mike, thinks it will be $5. a share in 5 years.

Right now it's 5¢ a share. I'm buying 200,000 shares. WITH THAT comes warrants guaranteeing 200,000 more available for one year for 10¢ a share!

Mike says he expects to hold out a few years when it's bought out by a larger company.

  ---Wish me good luck!

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Good luck!