Friday, June 24, 2011


Dewey Beach, Delaware

Tuesday, Mary Ann, Deo, Ted and I went to this glorious restaurant—one of my absolute favorites.

Mary Ann was treating me because I have helped her learn the iPad 2! And what fun that has been, but Mary Ann wanted to do something special for me and that she did.

VENUS ON THE HALF SHELL is such a surprise. First of all, being in Dewey Beach is surprising because it's known only for its honky-tonk tourist places. But mainly because it's so special: It's in a large building right on Rehoboth Bay. It fully opens up facing the bay. The interior is tiered so as to afford good views and one can dine ON THE SAND on the outside beach! What a treat—we went at the beginning of the sunset!

Upon entering, Mary Ann gasped at the lovely Indian-inspired decoration and the view.

She had picked out the place but had never been there before. Nor had Deo. I've been there five times and it's one of my most-liked Delaware beaches restaurants.

Our delightful waiter seated us right on the beach at the edge of the water with the best view. The was a coolish breeze and the sun was setting—idyllic.

As I was sipping my Negroni, lively conversation ensued.

Mary Ann and I had a delicious medallion of beef, so tender one didn't need a steak knife. Ted and Deo had seafood. The piece d'resistance was the Eggplant Tower appetizer: tall, with crispy fried eggplant under a cheesy, red sauce. We all tasted and enjoyed that. Ted and I each had the Key Lime dessert made with white chocolate.

To cap it off, the maitre d' had a coin toss that Mary Ann won, which gave her her entree FREE!



Caliban said...

C'est magnifique! I can't wait to go myself in the next week.

And what a treat by Mary Ann for Don -- who is a very, very good teacher on all things Apple. He loves to talk about Apple's products and their capabilities.

Don Voth said...

Yes, Venus is great. Look forward to going again!

Ron said...

Love your reviews! More please!

Don Voth said...

And i LOVE doing them!!!

Ron said...

You are good at this Don. I look forward to reading more reviews of local (and non-local) eateries.

Don Voth said...

Thanks Ron. I get a kick out of doing them.

Mark in DE said...

Yes, Venus is certainly a surprise for its location, and quite a lovely place to dine.

Don Voth said...

Glad you've enjoyed Venus. I'm going back Thurs. night!