Friday, June 3, 2011



On May 30 through June 1, 2011, Ted and I decided we needed to take a little break, so we decided to go to Crisfield, Maryland for a couple of days. It's a small fishing village on the Chesapeake Bay just north of the Virginia line.

I had heard of Crisfield for many years and was curious about it.

Crisfield was really deserted at 3pm but we found a cute little place called the Tiki Café 

and had a nice lunch overlooking the harbor.
The Tiki Café had several loud patrons having a good time. They were dressed in bathing suits and cutoffs. I had a hamburger and a piña colada; Ted had an oyster sandwich.
It was a good start to our mini-vacation.

We then went to find our B&B, which turned out to be a really neat old mansion on what they call Fish Baron's Row. 
We settled in and had a nap then decided to go for dinner. Little did we know that Crisfield closes down very early. It was eight o'clock and the only place we found open was a Subway! Oh well, so much for having a nice dinner in Crisfield.

The next morning found us touring the town which was very deserted and barren. What a disappointment. Most of the fishing places businesses were closed and dilapidated.

At the Noon Hour, our Ship left for…


Caliban said...

So quiet in Crisfield -- but then that's what a lot of people want.

Don Voth said...

That's true!

BOB C said...


Don Voth said...

So it hasn't changed, huh?

Ron said...

This small towns, Lewes included, tend to close down their restaurants at 9. Even in season, Lewes has a number of its restaurants closed on Monday night. I'm sorry your missed your dining experience at a different place. I know how much you and Ted like to try new places. Have you tried Berlin Maryland? I haven't but I hear it's very nice and there might even be a restaurant or two open past 8.

Don Voth said...

Yes, we've been to Berlin several times. In fact, on our way back, we had lunch at the the wonderful Atlantic Hotel!