Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Sunday evening I had five people over for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. They are among my very best friends: Aurelio, Drew, Jen, Marilyn and Ted. Negronis were served which though exotic were a hit: 1/3 DogFish Head Gin, 1/3 Campari and 1/3 Sweet Vermouth with a slice of Orange.
We all sat around for an hour of lively discussion and revelry. Memphis, my cat, was especially lively which intrigued everyone.

Then I took everyone out to the Broadkill Boathouse for dinner. We walked! (It's about three blocks from my house.) Along the way we had fun sightseeing and chatting:
We stopped at the John Milton statue. (Placed there in commemoration of his being the town's namesake!)
Walking beside the Broadkill River, we all remarked about how lovely and neat the waterfront is—a surprise to some.

Dinner was great fun. We sat outside—it was perfect. EVERYONE enjoyed their food. 

The waitpeople were a hoot. The Boathouse is a GREAT addition to Milton's restaurant fare.



Ron said...


I bet the folks who put the John Milton statue in the park had no idea what a "workout" he was going to get!
A summer evening dining at the Broadkill, we'll have to do it again...SOON!

Don Voth said...

Ron, Definitely!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun night! Thanks again, so much. It is a wonderful memory! Jen

Don Voth said...

Jen, You're so welcome! It was good seeing you.

Anonymous said...

The dinner party last night was wonderful. I had a great time as did we all. You are a consummate host.

The Boathouse hit a homerun on this third pitch. The appetizers were splendid and the pulled pork superb.

Thank you for including me in such fine company for such an enjoyable evening.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Don for a most magical evening! You are magic indeed! But above all, it made me so happy to see Menfis so well. What love and care can do! Big hugs, Rail

Don Voth said...

Drew, Thanks. I'm glad you liked it SOOOO much!

Don Voth said...

Aurelio, Glad you were there. You're a life force of a party!

Caliban said...

What a wonderful evening. Kudos to all for being so festive! Kudos to Don for organizing the event.