Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Milford, Delaware

Scott and Dave had never been to Abbott's Grill and they wanted to try it. So, off we went together with Ted on a Tuesday at noon.

It's good, but not as good as Nage! I say this because Abbott's Grill is owned by Nage, which is one of my very favorite restaurants. So, I was expecting a lot. AND I got a lot.

First of all, the place is decorated very tastefully and is subdued.

The food was delicious. I got a hugh Bison burger that was tender and tasty, made with portabello mushrooms, bacon and pepper jack cheese, with a generous slice of tomato and bib lettuce. Tastiest Bison burger I've ever had.

Ted and Scott had fish tacos which they said were very good. And Dave had turkey sliders with a flavorfull soup.

It was all tasty and pleasing and I would recommend this restaurant.

My only reservation is in comparing it to Nage in Rehoboth Beach. Nage is deliciously inventive. Abbott's Grill has a fixed menu with no innovation—a let down in a quality restaurant. But it's less expensive than Nage! Lunch for the four of us was $72.


Ron said...

Thanks for the review! Is it as expensive as Nage? Looks like the booth setup is the same. Mark and I are eating at the Surfing Crab today. It's the first time for Mark at the Surfing Crab. Maybe I can talk him into doing a Friday Night Dine Out there.

Don Voth said...

No, It's not as expensive as Nage. In fact, quite a bit less expensive.

Ron said...

Is it worth the trip to Milford?

Don Voth said...

Yes, it is!!

Caliban said...

I've eaten there and loved it. Thanks for your report.