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Tom wrote this next one. His only foray into screenwriting! "DAYS OF THUNDER" was a minor success.
I saw someone in Union Station in Washington, D. C., wearing a jacket with these 'Mello Yello' markings on it. I went up to him and asked him about it. It was a "crew jacket" given to on-site people who worked on the film. I offered him $200. cash which I had in my pocket and offered to go to the bank for more, but he declined.

I was collecting photos! But this "crew jacket" idea fascinated me. I learned that it was typical to give out "favors" to the crew working on a particular film. I bid and won on eBay a CREW JACKET from 'ALL THE RIGHT MOVES.'

For this next film, "FAR AND AWAY," he brought Nicole Kidman over from Australia to star alongside him. It was directed by Ron Howard.
He had seen her in "Dead Calm." They fell in love and married!

I had written him a very nice letter which contained the story of my grandfather being in the Oklahoma Land Run as an off-hand participant and he responded with a signed photo and TWO TICKETS to the film at a theater of my choice. This, of course, further sealed my enthusiastic attention to Tom Cruise.

Coming up, one of his better ones, "A FEW GOOD MEN" with Jack Nickolson, directed by Rob Reiner—a Navy attorney mystery. In it, Tom and Jack do their famous repartee: "Is that clear?"  "Crystal."

"THE FIRM" wasn't very good. The acting was, however. (Based on John Grisham's book.)

And "INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE" finishes off this Saga. It took two viewings for me to appreciate (and catch onto) this fine film.
Check out the awards on "Interview", they're most interesting! (below)

Next, the MISSION series.

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