Friday, July 8, 2011


AUTO GALLERY, Lewes, Delaware
Car Wax

I took my Cadillac XLR in for a wax. The Auto Gallery has a great reputation and I wanted to try them.

Bryan Hecksher, the owner, greets you as if you were a long-time customer and friend.

Terry, the receptionist, and Miles, the watchdog,
make you feel equally at home. They took great pains with the car for 3 hours!

While in the waiting room, I struck up a conversation with Bob, a retired military man who has lived all over the world who is also a retired policeman. We talked about the various cars we had owned, enjoying awing each others' tales. I showed him on the iPhone some of my cars—the 1956 Continental Mark II and the 1966 Lincoln Continental 4-door convertible—while he regaled me with stories of his 1953 Henry J. Finally, I thought he would be stumped by my first car:
1963 Karmann Ghia, Type 34 "RAZOR-EDGE".
"I had one of those," he exclaimed! I was flabbergasted. It turns out that he owned one when he was stationed in Germany. They were never imported into the United States. So, I'd guess he and I were among the dozen or so Americans who ever owned one!!! I've NEVER seen another one.

Well, it's the most beautiful wax job I've ever had! It's perfection. Fredo, the technician, first gave it a through cleaning and then took it clear down to the finish
by polishing ALL the spots away: swirl marks, water spots—everything before applying the wax.
I've never seen it look so good—even when I bought it it didn't shine like this.
And the cost was very reasonable at $90. I gave Fredo a $10 tip.

  ---I'll definitely go back and I'll recommend it to all my friends.


Ron said...

Fabulous! Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely use Brian the next time I want to "new" my car. I'm a little bummed out now because of two dings and several scraps on my car that isn't even a year old yet. Once I get over that, I'm over to Brian's for the first class service that you wrote about so well in this posting.

Mark said...

You car looked good to me when I saw it last week. But then any car looks shiny next to mine.
Your Friend, m.

Don Voth said...

Ron, you'll not be disappointed. They take out little dents!

Don Voth said...

Mark, thanks. I'm a stickler for care care. Just you wait for a blog coming up in a few days!

Anonymous said...

I am honored to call you friend! I am glad that you notice our attention to detail that we try to provide everyone! I thank you so much for the compliment, coming from a "CAR GUY" it really means a lot to us! My staff and I take pride in our work and the vehicles that we offer for sale. I hand select every vehicle here. I am honored to have a GREAT TEAM of people work with me here! Thank you again Don!

Don Voth said...

Bryan, Thanks. And being a 'car guy'. I know quality. You have my business forever!