Friday, July 29, 2011



Well, I took my car into Lewes Auto Mall for an estimate for the broken grille. They're not a Cadillac dealer. They are a Buick dealer, but they have been helpful in the past on finding parts and doing minor service. I wanted to have it done here locally instead of having to drive an hour and a half to Salisbury, Maryland to the only Cadillac dealer on the Delmarva Peninsula.

I went directly to the "Collision Center." They not only could help me but they had the Cadillac parts catalog handy!

The part is $129.01 and to install is $124.80 because they have to remove and replace the bumper, which has electricity and washer-water for the headlights involved, for a total of $254.41.

After another two weeks for delivery of the grille, it's as good as new.


Ron said...

Obviously we both choose the wrong career Don. I got the dings out of my car at Dover Subaru. Cost me $100. They said they gave me a "break" because the charge is usually $150. I have to say they did a marvelous job though. Now I'm not looking at those two dings every time I get into my car. How many times have you looked at that missing part of your grill?

Don Voth said...

Yes, Ron we're Boys with their Toys! That missing "tooth" bothered me every time I got in my car. BUT now it's GONE!!

Ron said...

Cool! But so is a couple of hundred dollars! But I understand, it is worth it just not to look at the defect each time you get into your car. That's what I was doing with my dings. I feel much better now. The money actually doesn't matter.

Don Voth said...

I agree wholeheartedly!