Saturday, July 23, 2011



1972:  At a show on Broadway, GINA LOLLABRIGETTA sat near me. She was jeered due to her real leopard coat!

1972:  After seeing ANGELA LANDSBURY in the Broadway play "Our World", we saw her get into her limo.

1972:  Sat behind FLORENCE HENDERSON on a train to NYC. 
I stared, she glared.

1974:  I visited JOE VALACHI, the Mafia boss, in his secure cell in Milan, MI. 
He had a million dollars on his head.

1976:  Was having dinner by myself at an outdoor restaurant in D.C. when the fairly drunk guy of the couple next to me said, "Don't you know me? And this is the famous SALLY QUINN!" 
Well, I realized it was BEN BRADLEE, Editor of the 'Washington Post'. 
I, for once, was speechless!

1979:  Saw the 10th anniversary parade on Constitution Ave. of the astronauts who first went to the moon, NEIL ARMSTRONG, JOHN GLENN, ET AL.

1980:  While in NYC receiving an award at the Waldorf-Astoria for the solar design of my Bastrop, Texas prison, I saw PRESIDENT ELECT AND MRS. REAGAN coming out of the hotel on their way to visit their son Ron. (That evening, December 8, directly across Central Park from me, John Lennon was shot and killed.)

1982:  While on a 4-month stay/study in Florence, Italy, I met GEORGE McGOVERN in Venice's 'Harry's Bar.'


Caliban said...

I met Gina Lollobrigida, too, in a studio in New York City just off Broadway at Times Square in 1970 or 1971. She was recording a audio spot for a radio commercial for a movie -- can't remember which one. She looked older in person than on the screen. She was very charming.

Don Voth said...

How cool!