Saturday, April 2, 2011


The Lincoln Continental of the 1960s was a spectacular car. It's low-slung, wide body was a certain sign of influence and wealth.

I had been interested in this Lincoln for quite some time. I remember as a youth riding in my Uncle Ben's Lincoln Continentals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And, of course, who doesn't remember the "Kennedy Lincoln."

I, Don Voth, had been without a collector car for many months and missed the sensation. On March 19, 1995, I saw a spectacular car parked in Georgetown, D. C. It was a baby blue, 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible. I got a real thrill. We did a U-turn and went back and discovered a "For Sale" sign on the car. After a month of discovery, excitement, fretting and debating, I bought it from a Bob Porter on April 11, 1995, for $13,500. with 88,719 miles.

1966 Lincoln Continental convertible with 'suicide doors', light blue with blue leather, 462 cu. in. V-8, 365 HP, 235/75 15 tires, weight: 3 tons, 19'5" long, one-button automatic power top with 5 reversible motors - 3 hydraulic pumps and 27 relay/switches, AM transistor radio, hydraulic windshield wipers, 6 - power windows, 6-way power seats, climate control, first year for flashers, automatic headlight dimmer—8 miles to the gallon!

I enjoyed the car immensely for the decade that I owned it. It brought many joyous moments. It was a dream to drive and caused a sensation where ever it went.

Putting the top up or down on this four-door convertible was quite an event. The trunk opened backwards and this enormous top raised itself high in the air before it descended. One time at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill, a car driver was watching this operation and plowed into the car ahead!

She appeared twice in newspaper articles. The Washington Times ran a story about her in their "Out of the Past" series on old cars. 

And the local Rehoboth Beach, Delaware newspaper had a story on "Boys and their Toys" featuring me in my car with a cadre of boys using their cellphones.

I sent her to Baker's Auto in Connecticut for major repairs. They said it would take 3 to 4 months and it ended up taking a year and costing $27,000. 
But what a beauty returned: new paint, seats and refurbished mechanicals! I thoroughly enjoyed her for another five years. 

She was one of the most striking cars I ever owned and I miss her to this day!

But then as most car collectors do, I moved on. I had grown weary of the expensive upkeep and besides, I shall always remember her fondly.

Next, the 1990 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible.


Anonymous said...

She is a beauty!

Don Voth said...

Yes, she was. I haven't seen one since!

Anonymous said...

Nice car. I remember it well! Where did she end up?
Best, Bob Porter

Don Voth said...

BOB!!!! It's so good to hear from you! The car went to a man who works for DisneyLand in CA! He was going to keep it for his grandson who was 12 yo!!! I heard from him a couple of times and he loved the car. Sincerely, Don Voth

Anonymous said...

I loved this Don! I have fond memories of riding in that car around RB. I miss you!! Susan

Don Voth said...

Susan, Thanks. Yes: FOND MEMORIES! I wish you still lived here.

Anonymous said...

Don: Glad it went to someone like us who appreciates great old American iron! Best to you.

Don Voth said...

Bob (former owner of car), How neat that you found my blog. Yes, he seems totally interested in it.