Monday, September 5, 2011



September 4, 2011. It started out a special day with four "Happy Birthday" calls.

Steve and Ray had a huge dinner/picnic with over forty people! It wasn't just for me, Rufus and Ann were in from Brooklyn and Winnie from NYC whose BD was last week. Plus, Ray and Steve were giving their first party since getting back from Albuquerque.

Lots of well-wishes were had for a very enjoyable birthday.
Steve was sporting his new ponytail!

Marilyn with her nephew and niece.

Finally, the party settled into smaller, lively conversation groups.


Anonymous said...

Don, Nice pictures, though I think you left before I appeared as a yellow shutter. Is that the case?


Don Voth said...

A YELLOW SHUTTER!? I hope you got pictures!!

Caliban said...

Raymond, you witty thing you. You'd make a lovely yellow shutter -- with a chartreuse neck scarf.

By the way, I loved Steve's gorgeous new shirt!

Don Voth said...

Robert, I, too, like Steve's shirt!!! It's really cool in person.
Wish I had seen Raymond as a YELLOW shutter!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much. See you tomorrow. Aurelio

Don Voth said...

Thank you Aurelio. Glad you could make it!