Thursday, September 15, 2011


Milton, DE - 2

I turned the upstairs into a separate, two-bedroom apartment.

When I moved in, the garden on the second lot was a dog run. I removed a foot of the earth, brought in fresh topsoil, bermed it and created a magnificent garden—the first large one I've ever had. I went all out: hiring landscape architects, providing underground irrigation, planting large trees and establishing turf. It's been a marvelous experience.

In 1988, I acquired Tom Cruise's dance outfit from his movie, "RISKY BUSINESS!" It was an eBay auction from a museum in Hollywood that went out of business. All pieces were in perfect condition: The shorts, underwear and socks. The socks had dirty marks on the bottoms and the underwear had make-up stains. I had it stored for many years, but when I moved to 105, there was the perfect place for it: a corner cabinet in the dining room. The original owner had housed a sewing machine and a china closet. I turned it into a shrine to Tom. I went on  the internet and found the shortest mannequin from the Netherlands—others were too tall. Mark and I painted the Styrofoam form silver and it was perfect. People are amazed and often have their photo taken with it.

All-in-all, 105 has been a great residence. I wouldn't change my situation for the moon.

It has been on the Milton Christmas Historical House Tour once and on the Milton Garden Tour twice.

Next, 211 MUNSON STREET, Rehoboth Beach

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