Thursday, September 22, 2011



I got a new iMac. WOW! It is superb.

Ted's hard drive on his iMac went kapooey. He decided to get a new iMac instead of fix the old one. I helped him pick it out. I got so excited about the specs of the new Macintosh that I ordered one for myself!

It's Screen is 22 1/2", 2 inches larger than my old one. This allows for a perfect 1920 X 1080 pixel, 6 by 9 ratio, HD Screen. It has the new Intel Quad-Core Processor, the i5. Boy, is it fast! Additionally, we each added to the Ram Memory to make them speedy 12GB Systems. It has a 500GB Hard Drive and Radeon's accelerated HD Graphics Card.

It sports a Trackpad instead of a Mouse, allowing many hand gestures. I'm learning quickly the various movements. Together with the small Keyboard, it offers a small footprint, but with a large Screen.

With Lion, the new operating system, OS X10, installed, it's a whizz, and a most enjoyable experience.

I sold my old, fairly new iMac to Lee and Steve, who have gotten my last three Macs! They were so pleased.


bobc said...

Enjoy your new toy...:0)

Don Voth said...

Thanks Bob. I already have--a lot!