Thursday, September 8, 2011



I've had foot problems since my early twenties. MY FEET JUST PLAIN HURT!

In my late twenties, I had 4 foot operations that cut my plantar fascias on both feet. They know now that these operations are not a good thing. I've been to around 10 podiatrists to no avail. I've worn orthotics for many years. I've got Plantar Fasciitis and now flat-feet due to the operations.
Plantar Fasciitis is defined as irritation and swelling of the Plantar Fascia, the very thick band of tissue that holds up the bones on the bottom of the foot.

When I walk too far (a few blocks) or worse, stand for any period of time, my feet begin to hurt. Sometimes they keep me awake at night! I've resorted to pain medicine. Anticipating a long walk or standing period, I'll take a Darvocet-N.

My good friend, Ray, has foot problems, too. He went to a footwear store in Albuquerque and was fitted with special Korean shoes. He's experienced complete relief.  Encouraged, I made an appointment at our local foot problems place: Good Feet Store, an international chain.

I thought I'd be getting new shoes but Good Feet specializes in arch supports—very specialized ones.

They have in stock over 400 in all kinds and sizes. Tom, the salesman, explained that the foot, containing 25% of the body's bones, actually has four arches. There are 28 bones and 35 joints in each foot! Their supports are custom fitted to all four arches.

I got the pair best fitting me after trying on about six different sets during a period of about an hour and a half. After walking around the store for 15 minutes, my feet began to feel better! I also got a pair that they call the Relaxers. Also, pads to cover the inserts, all at a cost of $450.

There is a break-in period: 1/2-hour for the first day, 1-hour the second day progressing until I can wear them all day. The relaxers are for evening at home wear.

Later at lunch, I was wearing the Relaxers and my feet felt amazingly better: no tingling or ACHING after walking a bit.

I'm leery but hopeful.

Tom also suggested new shoes. He's sending me to the New Balance store in the Rehoboth Beach outlets.


Mark Himes said...

Good for you, Don!
After a few years of waiting tables in the wrong shoes, my feet have never been the same. Maybe it would help if I wore sneakers but I wouldn't go that far. I'm glad that you found a solution.

Don Voth said...

Mark, Good to hear from you. Thanks for your support. I'll blog in a couple of weeks about how I'm doing. If it works, I'll suggest you go the Good Feet store!

Caliban said...

Keep us posted on how it works. Sounds awfully promising.

Don Voth said...

Thank you, Robert. I think it would be a miracle if it works fully. I'm dubious but wish for the best outcome. It would be wonderful! I could enjoy life again.

Anonymous said...

What good news! Walking in comfort is one of life's pleasures. I enjoyed the party pics. XOXO, M

Don Voth said...

Thanks Marilyn on both counts!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures of Steve and Raymonds party. My gathering was quite successful. I didn,t know you had foot problems. thank goodness you found relief!! Mary Ann
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Don Voth said...

Mary Ann, Yes, for years and years. Thanks for the well wishes.

Ron said...

Good luck with your new shoes! My friend Lar has a a similar problem to you, his feet just hurt when he walks. I'm lucky, that's one thing that doesn't hurt on my. I have good arches. Now talk about my back, it aches all the time!

Don Voth said...

Thanks Ron! Someone once told me there's nothing worse than aching feet. I believe it.