Saturday, September 24, 2011



1982:  Emmy Award-winning actor ANTHONY ZERBE (Harry-O, The Matrix series) came to my house for cocktails with his wonderful wife Arnette. 

She and I had become great friends during my Italian study tour. Their daughter, Jenny, was debuting with the American Ballet Company at the Kennedy Center. So they had come from Santa Barbara for the performance. Afterward, Jenny and several of the troupe including PRIMA BALLERINA ASSOLUTA CYNTHIA GREGORY joined us for dinner. 

Unfortunately, though invited, Mikhail Barisnikoff couldn't make it.

1984:  Sat next to FRED BARNS, commentator, on an airplane. 
He barely even looked at me, let alone speak.

1984:  Was sweeping my front walk when I noticed a black car and two men in black suits standing in front of the house two doors down. Soon FIRST LADY NANCY REAGAN descended down the front stairs after seeing her astrologer! 
Happened to see the car twice more.

1984:  Met CHRIS WALLACE on the bus going to the Pyramids of Egypt. 
We spoke briefly; he was on vacation.

1986:  Saw KATHERINE HEPBURN and CHRISTOPHER REEVE in "A Matter of Gravity" on Broadway.

1986:  Saw MAGGIE SMITH in "The Infernal Machine," a nondescript play in London—We went just to see Ms. Smith.

1987:  KELLY McGILLIS sat down next to me in 'Hair', a salon on Capitol Hill. 
She was appearing at the Folger Shakespeare Theater. She graciously signed 12 "Top Gun" pieces.

1988:  I was looking out my window when PRESIDENT AND MRS. CLINTON passed by in their motorcade after their inaugural ball at DC's Union Station.

1991:  While touring Hollywood, I was sightseeing at Tom Cruise's home when I heard NICOLE KIDMAN behind the walls of their compound calling her dog to come inside.

1993:  At the Palm Springs Film Festival, I saw TONY CURTIS (who was there for an award), JANET LEIGH and JAMIE LEE CURTIS. Then DELTA BURKE, dressed all in white including a floor length white fur, got out of a new stretch, white Rolls-Royce with her husband, GERALD RAINER

1995:  My next-door neighbor was CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, political writer/commentator (Vanity Fair, etc.).


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