Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Deo, Ted, Mary Ann and I went to this restaurant to celebrate Deo's new iPad and my helping her get oriented on it.

It's delightful, always enjoyable.

We each had delicious dishes. It was prix fixe night and we ordered an appetizer, main and dessert. Ted had octopus! I had buffalo mozzarella. Deo and Ted had lamb ragout for their main. Mary Ann had the flatiron steak. And I ordered the duck—tasty.

Desserts included creme brûlée and heavenly caramel-peach bread pudding.

But the piece d'resistance was the special coffees made right at the table. In a sugared and cinnamon-ed glass, liquors are flamed then topped with coffee. What an entertaining treat!
 Altogether a first class restaurant.

   ---Don Voth, Your Friendly Reviewer.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the latest adventure/saga. The picture of the three of us , could I just get a copy of that one?? Mary Ann

Don Voth said...

Thanks Mary Ann, It's always a pleasure.