Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Today, March 29, 2011, I had the honor of dining with four of my closest friends. This doesn't happen very often! It took two different meals, however.

The first was Sunday Brunch at "Po' Boys Creole Restaurant" in Milton, DE. It's the best eatery in Milton with quite good specialty food. It was with Mary Ann S. and Ted W., both neighborhood and very good friends.

We had lively conversation enjoying one another's company. I had a spicy pork sausage and jack cheese omelet with cheese grits and a bloody mary! The others each had a different omelet with coffee. But Ted had Cajun Pecan Pie that was delicious! I'm so lucky to have such great nearby friends.

Then a lovely dinner with two best friends, Steve G. and Ray P.

We ate at one of my favorite places: Tokyo Steak House. They had sushi. I had grilled steak and a martini made with white Bombay, my favorite. I had asked for a Negroni—because of my remembrance of the drink by blogging "My Italian Adventure Saga"—but alas, they, as many places don't, know how to make one. (My quest shall continue.)

We chit-chatted about all manner of things having a wonderful time.

My, how I love going out to eat with friends!!


Ron said...

Very nice! I notice I wasn't invited.

Don Voth said...

Ron, You're can always come to any of my events! You'd be welcome anytime.

bobc said...

Very nice but twice in one day...get out the walking shoes.

Don Voth said...

I know! But it was so special!!!!!