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2003 CHEVROLET SSR (2004-2005)

Saw SSR first online in a concept car line-up (Spring 2003). Loved its retro look and that it was a hardtop retractable convertible! Began to look for it more. Finally, GM put it on their Chevy website (mid-summer '03). Got more and more intrigued. There were few 2003s. So I began a search so that I could see it in person and to sit inside. The closest one was in Chicago with another in Miami and two in California. WOW! I wasn't going that far—although Austin said he would ride with me to Illinois if there was no other option. My interest would wax and wane according to high price, availability, being a two seater, would be the neatest thing in Rehoboth Beach. Greg Oliver said to me one day, he saw one at a dealership in Millsboro, DE on his way to work. Well, Joey & I went up on 12/20/03. It was really red. He loved it but I was a bit overwhelmed. The salesman let me take it out, much to the chagrin of the sales manager who declared, "Only in the parking lot." It rode better than expected, had a great muscular V-8 sound and it's looks were stunning. The top going up and down caused all the people to stare with awe. Billy, the salesman, directed me around back and said with a grin, "Now floor It!" Boy did it jump—the 5.3 V-8 delivers 300 horsepower, unlike the 5.3 in the truck (280hp) and it's lighter, too. 

Saw 'JB' @ C.P.Diver who said they're scheduled for only one in 2004. He'd be glad to order it to my specs because he'd be able to sell whatever I ordered! After some good investigations, I got re-invigorated about it. New Year's Eve and Day it was fun telling everyone about it and showing the brochure. Jan. 2, I went to 'JB' and said I wanted to reserve it. He said there was a change. They had gotten a notice that their 2004 car was set what it would be and that it was due to be built January 10 and scheduled to arrive mid to late-February! I said I definitely decided on yellow. "It is yellow," he exclaimed. I offered cash for security but he declined it saying I didn't need to do that. 'JB' called 1/17/04 (Sat.) and said, "It just ROLLED OFF THE CARRIER", much to their surprise. I went to see it. They had it on the display hill so that it was above all the other cars. Very exciting. They (w/ Cliff) told me I couldn't have it until Feb 16!!! But I signed anyway for the over-sticker price of $53,600 & gave them $1,000 credit MC charge. It had 'JB' and me jumping up & down with excitement. That night I was really wrestling with the 1 1/2 month delay. Finally decided I couldn't live with it. Went Monday and cancelled; got $1,000 back.

Bought a yellow 2003! FULLY LOADED through eBay SUNDAY, 1/18/04, from Tony LaRiche Chevrolet in Cleveland, OH: $48,800! Had it financed, insured, shipped and I received it in three days! 

$2,000 down, GMAC-$46,925.25 @ 5.09% for 60 months w/no pre-payment penalty! $889.51/month. Plan to pay off soon with a home equity loan. 3 miles on odometer.

VIN #1GCES14P03B102002. Built 11/03. 2002 of 3500. Lansing, Michigan, USA.
2-door yellow hard-top retractable hardtop convertible pick-up, 5.3L V-8 300 HP, automatic, ASB disc brakes, 6-CD Bose compensated surround, halogen beams, CFC-free A/C, speed control, heated-premium leather seats, information computer, key less entry, running boards, cruise control, side-saddles, cargo netting, memory 6-way seat, tires: Front SBRP255/45R19 & Rear SBRP295/40R20 BSW Touring, air compressor, radio/info center in leather steering wheel, traction control, motor jacket, carpeted trunk with wood strips, saddle bags, hitch, cargo net system, 3 power points (10 minutes), tuned exhaust, front license plate frame, special floor mats, auto-dim rear view mirrors, heated outside mirrors, 2-person programming, premium color. (No spare tire.)

  ---WOW! I love it. It is so different than the Cougar. It is great having a new car. Faster, great styling, excellent lines, every option, not needing parts!—very retro!!!

Next, the earlier 1999 MERCURY COUGAR.


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