Saturday, May 7, 2011



The existing tires were "Run Flats." That meant that without any air they would still work. They provided those because there is NO spare onboard.

BUT they only last 20,000 miles! AND they're expensive: $1,400 a set. Owning a special Cadillac is not cheap!

After EXTENSIVE search and investigation, I decided to go with non-run flats and take my chances. After all, I have AAA. My car dealer suggested the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Sport @ $800 a set.

I found some SUPER tires. They're French and are excellent in snow and ice. They also last 55,000 miles! Cost: about $900 a set:
         Continental ExtremeContact DryWetSnow 225/50 18.

Since they're so popular, they're in short supply; they take two months for delivery!

However, I found them USED on eBay! They were in great condition: 9/10th tread, excellent condition. Cost: only $325 for the set. I had them shipped to my car dealer for installation.

However, since the old tires were GLUDED on because they were run-flats, it cost $200 to install the new ones. And I had the car aligned, which since it was a XLR also cost extra: another $200!


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced, Tom I'll look for some when I need some in six months.

Don Voth said...

Tom, You'll like them.