Sunday, May 15, 2011


ED CROWLEY (1948-1988)

Ed was a very special guy. He delighted most people with his enthusiasm and invention.
Ed at his pharmaceutical representative car.
Ed in his corner home office.
Ed and Liza.
I first met Ed at a party at my own house. He was an affable, neat person. After knowing him for many months, we decided he would move into my house. That started a long relationship that lasted 15 years.
Ed taking Chinese cooking classes.
We became great traveling buddies: Egypt, Chichen Itza, the United States, Machu Picchu, Mexico, London and Italy (three times). What great times we had together.
In Hawaii.
Karnak, Egypt.
We wanted to go to India, but illness canceled that. Ed died of AIDS in 1988. He shall be forever fondly remembered and loved.


Mark in DE said...

Love that car! You were fortunate to have such a close friendship with Ed.

Don Voth said...

Thanks Mark. Yes the car was fun!

Anonymous said...

Don, It's sad, Caliban

Don Voth said...

Robert, thank you.