Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm queer...

     ...for Tom Cruise! I think he's the best looking actor around and most excellent in his chosen profession. My admiration for him has grown over the years—as well as my collection of Tom Cruise items.

I first saw him in his Golden Globe nominated 1983 film "RISKY BUSINESS." He was 21.

What a movie! It had everything. I thought the "main actor" was very good. It had a good story line and was right up-to-the-minute. Some of the scenes were superb.
It's turned into a true classic on everyone's list.

Years later, my roommate told me that 'that actor' was in another film, "Top Gun". Seeing that sealed my fate. I was smitten.

Who was this "Tom Cruise?" I began researching his past films. There were many. His first was "ENDLESS LOVE" along with Brooke Shields. He was only 18 but he had an excellent role, albeit lasting only 45 seconds. 

He had been discovered by Franco Zeffirelli at a high school play when he played Nathan Detroit in "Guys and Dolls."

Next, his Other Early Films.


Anonymous said...

Risky business was great. What year was it released?

Don Voth said...

1983! I've added that to the blog now.

Anonymous said...

Tom is one of my favorites, too.

Don Voth said...

He is my MOST favorite.